Friday, May 13, 2011

Stained Glass Butterflies

 Thus far it has not been a very warm spring around here, and we were in need of some Spring, so I found a little craft to brighten things up around these parts. :)

I saw a similar project in the Oriental Trading catalog. I love perusing their catalogs, they have great stuff at super prices. I have ordered many things from there, and have been dissatisfied with very little. Anyhow, they have lots of ready made craft kits, and this was one of them. I figured we could make our own, and I think they turned out pretty cute. We had some friends and a cousin over, so six kids in all, from 3-8, and they all enjoyed it.

Supplies needed:
A butterfly template
Construction Paper (The OTC kit comes with foam)
Clear Contact Paper
Tissue Squares/Pieces (I bought mine from OTC some time ago)

I found a butterfly template online, you don't need anything fancy, because you are just using it for the shape, no need for details. I enlarged it to about 8.5x11 size and printed it out. I'm sure you could even free hand something fairly easy as well. I folded mine in 1/2 (so really you only need to print half).

Fold your construction paper in 1/2 and trace the template onto the paper. I did about 4-5 sheets at once.

Then with your paper folded cut an outline of the butterfly. Be sure to NOT cut on the fold.I did this several times, so each butterfly got smaller. Sometimes they lose a little bit of their shape, but not too much.

Then unfold the butterflies and you will have a menagerie in multiple colors and sizes.

Then cut your contact paper in a rectangle about the size of your butterfly. You will need 2 squares of contact paper, one for each side. Remove the backing from one piece and lay it sticky side up on the table. Adhere your butterfly outline. I let the kids each add a little glitter to their contact paper. Then I let them have the tissue squares to place any where within the butterfly outline.(If you don't have tissue squares, I am sure you could cut up pieces of tissue paper from gift bags, etc)

When finished remove backing from the second piece of contact paper and place over your butterfly. To finish it off, just cut around the edges. Be sure to leave a little outline for the contact paper to seal itself on the edges. The place in the window for all to see!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where's Mommy?

This is a favorite new game with the twins. It is essentially a toddler version of hide and seek. Maybe you have even played it before, but sometimes I need reminders, maybe you do too!

When both boys are near me, I ask, "Where's Mommy?" (in a very excited, get ready to run voice!)

And then I take off running. Be sure to pick super easy spots for your tot to find you. I have hid in the bathtub, behind a door, in a corner, in an open closet, behind a chair, under the table, etc.

The key to this game is running fast, because as everyone knows, toddlers are FAST. So I run to my spot and say loudly again, "Where is Mommy?" to get them coming toward me. As they get closer (this is another reason to pick an easy spot, so you can see them coming and watch their expressions!) I say in a quieter voice, "Where's Mommy?" and when they get close enough I yell, "BOO!" It usually startles them, but they laugh too. I praise them for finding me, and we start the game over.

This little game can keep my boys busy for at least 10 minutes, maybe more. Sometimes Mommy needs a break to catch her breath though. Often it seems they are looking right at me, but not noticing, its hilarious! I'm sure as they get older they'll catch on a little more, but they love it, and are learning great listening skills from it.

Tot Spot Thoughts

I have decided to add a new little segment of ideas to do with the littler ones, the toddlers. :) Being that my son will be starting first grade in the next few months, I will soon have just two little tots to keep entertained. This will be an adjustment for me. I have been doing preschool stuff for the last 6 years (my son is in half day kindergarten). So I am coming up with new things to keep the babies busy and happy!

I had a good friend donate a book to me, and I LOVE it, it is Toddlers Busy Book. It has tons of great ideas. Of course some of them are a little advanced for my 16 month old twin boys, but others are right on. I am sure we will be using this book for some time. I have tried out more than a few ideas, and they have all been winners.

So in my little "Tot Spot Thoughts" I plan to share little ideas for entertaining the littler set. Hope they help!