Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Last week was my last time teaching preschool for Mr. T. This is so bittersweet. My little boy is old enough to go to kindergarten. He is more than ready, me, not so much! I don't know what I am going to do with myself (well, besides taking care of infant twins!). I have been in a co-op preschool group for the last 5 years! It will be strange to not be preparing lessons and such. Maybe I will find the time to post lots on this blog of things I have done for the last five years, but no guarantees!

One easy bird project we did was this:

I found a bird coloring page online and cut it out on brown construction paper. Then I gave the kids white glue and feathers and let them create their bird. They loved picking colors for their birds. The boys of course did not want the pink or purple feathers (cheap tip-- my daughter's feather boas leave feathers ALL over the house. When I am feeling ambitious I gather them up and save them in the art supplies). It was also suggested to let the kids paint with the feathers as paint brushes, but I opted for the cleaner activity this time.

The other cute bird we made was this:

This one is very simple, but the kids LOVED it! Fold a paper plate in half. Trace child's hands on construction paper. Some of the kids cut out their own hands, others I cut them out. I had already cut out orange beaks (to save time). The kids colored their paper plates while I traced and cut hands. I couldn't find my googly eyes, though that would have made a cute addition. Anyhow, glue the hands on as wings, glue on beak and then its a rocking/pecking chicken. I actually cut tissue paper strips for tail feathers, but forgot to use them. They looked adorable anyhow.The one above is from this last week. My son and I made one last year as well, it had the tail feathers (can't seem to find a pic, sorry!). He didn't seem to mind at all that we were repeating the same project.

For snack we had these yummy bird nests. They are basically the same haystack recipe I made last year for Nursery Rhymes. I melted a bag of butterscotch chips in the microwave and stirred in about half a bag of crispy chow mein noodles. Initially I tried shaping them into nests, but it was too messy.  I just did the best I could and before they hardened placed a few peanut M&Ms into each nest. This made at least 15 nests.

We recited this poem, which the kids wanted to do over and over again.

Wide Eyed Owl
There's a wide eyed owl (make binoculors with hands on eyes)
With a pointed nose (point ot nose)
Two pointed ears (grab ears)
And claws for toes (wiggle fingers and point to toes)
He lives way up in the tree (point up to the ceiling)
And when he looks at you (point)
He flaps his wings (flap arms like wings)
And says Who....Whooo! (continue flapping)

It also would have been fun to do The Chicken Dance, but I had a lot of song review to cram in, so we did not.

The twins did not allow me enough time to get to the library, so I improvised with books I already had. We read How Fletcher Was Hatched. This is my book from when I was young, and I always liked it. It is about a dog that is jealous of his owner's affection for baby chicks. He decides to hatch out of an egg so she will love him again. It is somewhat wordy, but all 6 kids loved it. We also read The Ugly Duckling. This was a good on since there are many different types of birds in it.

We made some easy-peasy bird feeders as well. (This photo is almost a week later after a rain storm and a snow storm! Crazy weather!)

You need one toilet paper tube per child, yarn or string, peanut butter, and bird seed. I punched holes in one end of the tube and tied yarn in them to be the hanger. Have the children spread peanut butter all over the tube. My kids did okay with this but did need some help. I poured the birdseed on a cookie sheet, then had the kids roll the tube in the birdseed until it was covered. The children were so excited to take their bird feeders home. To ease in transporting (and minimize the mess in the vehicle) we placed them in paper lunch sacks.

There were so many other cute ideas to do, I think we may learn more about birds while my kids are off for the summer.

I found a number of children's shows that have episodes about Birds. I'm sure there are many more, but this is what I could find on Amazon Prime, which is what we have.

Sesame Street Season 40 Episode 5: Elmo Finds a Baby Bird
And the Wonder Pets save a whole lot of birds.....
Season 1 episode 3: Save the Penguin
Season 1 episode 4: Save the Duckling
Season 1 episode 5: Save the Pigeon
Season 1 episode 8: Save the Dragon
Season 1 episode 14: Save the egg (not sure if its a bird egg), but the second half is Save the Flamingo
Season 1 episode 19: Save the Baby Birds
Season 1 episode 20: Save the Owl
Season 2 episode 10: Save the Goslings
Season 2 episode 12: Save the Pirate Parrot
Season 3 episode 13: Save the Dancing Duck