Sunday, April 11, 2010

Window Painting

Anyone remember this? Sesame Street B Painting

I LOVED Sesame Street as a kid, well, I still do. I remember watching this skit as a kid, and I really wanted to paint on the windows. It actually stuck with me all these years.

A few years ago I read something about making window paints. I don't remember to do this craft often with the kids, but it is always a winner! And it is quite simple!

Supplies needed:

Paint brushes

Tempera Paints (I bought this set at the store years ago. Use some of the paint for regular painting, and then add 1-2 tsp of dish soap to the paints and stir with a paint brush.I used this soap because it is what I had, and it did not change the paint colors, not even the white.)

Drop cloth (I use plastic tablecloths (I have a myriad saved from previous birthday parties, this one is from our wedding luncheon almost ten years ago! lol)
Paint shirts (even though it is washable, it is a good habit)

and a window or two.

I used to paint holiday images, heart, pumpkin, etc. While I painted the front window I had my daughter painting the back sliding door. This is the first time I promoted the kids to painting the front window, and they were thrilled! I think it was quite the confidence booster!

My son was unhappy that I took the Easter decorations down, so I told them to paint a nice spring scene for me. I think they did a great job!

My daughter is off track from school, and I also had co-op preschool at our house this week, so she joined us. We learned about the prairie and prairie animals, you can tell that she enjoyed it! :) She is seven, and a natural artist.

My son is 5 and loves art as well. His painting is a sunset with rain and clouds, and cloud people.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Keepsake Paper Plate Easter Bunnies

I got the idea from Little Family Fun. She has lots of cute ideas! This is a super simple craft. Use a white paper plate and have your child draw a face on it. Add paper ears, and voila' you are done.

To make it a "keepsake" we put the kids' footprints as the inside of the bunny ear. I don't know about you, but for me, it is very hard to throw away anything that has my child's footprints and handprints!

We also added some thumb and fingerprint eyes, noses, and tongues (with an ink pad).

My son added finger whiskers with paint!

This is a little bit messy, so I had a shallow dish with water (placed on a towel) for them to wash their feet off. I think they had just as much fun washing their feet as doing the craft. :) I attempted to do washable ink pads for their feet, but the colors were not vibrant enough for me.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Trickery!!!

I LOVE April Fool's. It started last year,  I played some tricks on the kids, and have been scheming all year for this year's trickery! I love my family fun magazine subscription, so many fun ideas. Most of my ideas come from there.

Today was my first graders first day of Spring Break, and she is off track for three weeks (year round schooling). I thought it would be great fun to wake her up  for school with a yummy breakfast. I got things ready and went in to wake her, and she told me, "I'm too smart for that!"

"April Fool's" I said, because there was no way she would get out of bed otherwise!

"I made you a yummy breakfast"

She rushed out of bed in anticipation, but quickly got very unhappy. I made her an egg, and, well, she  HATES eggs!

It is actually very vanilla yoplait yogurt and an apricot half.

My son was not thrilled either! He was pushing the plate away and saying his trademark, "Pleh!"

This is her hiding behind the garbage can so that she won't have to eat it, and so that I will stop taking her picture. 


I also had a bowl of cereal for each of them. I put a drop of food coloring in each bowl and added the cereal. Pour the milk in front of them. It takes a minute for the coloring to show up.

My daughter's is pink, my son's blue, just like their bowls, which might have made it harder to see. But it ended up working for me. When I asked in astonishment what happened, Mr. T. said, "Maybe the bowl is effecting the milk?" He's just five!

Of course, neither of them wanted to eat the cereal. They both ate the apricot. Mr. T. ate up the yogurt, Miss B. licked her fingers and no more (even though she likes vanilla yogurt.

We (or I guess I should say, I) have more tricks planned for later.

For lunch we are having mock grilled cheese. It's pound cake with orange tinted frosting

I also made a kitty litter cake.

Because we do not have a cat, I needed some explanation as to why we would have a cat box at our house. I tricked my daughter first, I told her that her aunt needed us to watch their cat, Kiki, and so there was a litter box in the garage. When she brought it in for me, I ate a tootsie roll poop, and she looked a little disgusted until she figured out it was more April Foolin'. Then I decided to let her play the trick on her little brother. She told him the same story, and well... then is when it got a little bit sad. My little boy was so excited to see his Auntie's cat, that well, when he found out it was just a joke, he was not a fan of any more pictures, and he started to cry. This is when I felt like the worst mommy ever!

Thankfully he got over it fairly quick, and was ready to get our daddy tricks ready! 

We left this little gem in the potty for daddy! (Sharpie on toilet paper)
My daughter then left a little note for me, isn't she sweet!

Our last trick had us all rolling, though my husband did not find it quite as funny.  At this time last year my twin boys were just 2 months old, and had infant breastfed diaper poops. As I was making the frosting for the mock grilled cheese it kind of reminded me of their diaper fillings. So Miss B. and I got a clean diaper and filled it with some frosting. We left it sitting on the floor, half open (I know, we're disgusting). Miss B. licked the diaper in front of her brother, which of course he found utterly disgusting. And then when Daddy got home from work, I stuck my finger in and licked it. So gross, but seeing the look on my sweet hubby's face was well worth it.

Could we be much more disgusting, probably not. But it sure was fun, and we're making some fun memories!

(Please ignore any messes in the background, as previously stated I had infant twins, so not much was getting done around our house besides diaper changing and feeding the kids!

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