Saturday, April 21, 2012

Super Easy Super Fast Super Awesome WonderPets Cape

My twins LOVE the WonderPets, and as they have reached two, I have learned to love the WonderPets even more. You see, two is the age of independence, and therefore my children want to do everything without help. Which means there were lots of arguments over who got to shut the door, who got to help Mommy load the washing machine, and so on and so forth. But the WonderPets have taught my boys teamwork! So I say 10 100 times a day, "Let's use teamwork!" and it works like a charm. Plus the show has lots of cute animals, and teaches kids celery is yummy, can't go wrong there! 

Anyhow, one day watching rewatching (for the 100th time) another WonderPets episode, I decided the boys might like a WonderPets cape. I had some felt laying around from this project, so I went right to it. This project probably only took me 25 minute tops, and that was to make two of them. (Please excuse the messy background, it was a play with my kids day, and not a clean the house day)

I have a great old cape from when I was a kid. This thing is tough, has made it through so many children, its at least 25 years old, and I think my mom got it a yard sale or as a hand-me-down, so 25 years in our families possession, who knows beyond that! Its double sided, SuperMan on one side, and Batman on the other, and some thick polyester.

Anyhow, I laid it on the felt. and traced it 

 It seemed a little tight on my babies' necks, so I traced mine a little longer on the ends.

Then I found two circular dishes, one slightly larger than the other and traced them on two other colors of felt.

Then I used our small WonderPet Linny to glance at while I free handed my "W" on a piece of paper for a pattern.

Then I cut out the pattern and traced it onto the felt, and cut out them out

And then I got all fancy and hot-glued it all together. and put some sticky velcro dots on the neck. And then put them on the boys and set them loose. Mr. A wanted his on right away, and calls it his, "wunna-pet cake". Mr. W. did NOT want me to glue his Wonder Pets symbol on, rather he wanted the use it as a wheel, so his cape is just plain blue. Both boys had lots of fun running around with their cape flapping behind them.