Sunday, December 4, 2011

Easy Felt Candy Clip Tutorial

This is a super easy clip to make and super cute too!

I found my inspiration in these super cute Lollipop Ornament Craft Kit from OTC. I bought the kits for a craft for my daughter and her friends to make. 

Start with two thin strips of felt. Mine were about 9 inches long, maybe 1/2 in wide.

Glue two of the ends together with the glue of your choice.

Roll the two pieces together, keep it as tight as you can. 
You also want to try to keep it as flat as possible on one side.

 It should look something like this you when you are done. 
You can kind of push one side flat after you are finished rolling as well.
 Next to a quarter so you can see the finished size.

Find a coordinating piece of tulle (I always find small sections in the fabric remnant section at Walmart). My piece measures about 6 inches by 5 inches.

 Place your felt candy disk toward one edge of your tulle.

 Wrap it up.

Find some thin ribbon to tie around the edges. This time I used some rickrack. Before tying the ribbon around the tulle take a look at your candy and see which side you think looks the most presentable, tie so ribbon ends show on that side. I like to have the flattest side face up.

 Cut off excess edges of tulle.
 Again, compared to a quarter.

Now you just need to attach to a ribbon lined alligator clip. This time I used a wide red grosgrain ribbon. 

Finished product measures about 4 inches in length.

This is one my 9 year old made herself with about 2 seconds of explanation. 

And another clip being modeled
She asked why she always has to be the model, I told her because she is cuter than I am. :) 

 And modeling her own clip

This is a fun clip to match almost any outfit, and made with scraps (which I always have hanging around). You can make it festive for Christmas, or for any other time of the year as well!