Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blue's Clues Steve Shirt

All of my kids have been big Blue's Clues fans, probably because I think it is a really cute show and have encouraged it. Miss B. was Blue for Halloween when she was two. It was just a simple one piece 
pajama-ish outfit with a hood with ears, but it was plenty cute. Of course I kept it and my son wore it too (but not for Halloween). Then came the twins, and they really like Blue, so I decided for Halloween that they could be Steve and Blue! Trying to find a Steve shirt is near impossible these days, and Ebay is not cheap. 

But I found a shirt at Target that I thought would do.
Mr. A. saw it and said, "Teve! Teve" and immediately attempted to remove his current shirt. I showed the hubs and figured Mr. A. could wear it as is, but Hubs asked if I was going to make it more Steve like, so I decided I should.

Let me preface this with saying there is probably an easier way to do this, a prettier way, but this was the way that worked for us. :)

I decided I could just zig zag stitch some felt on there. I should have planned just a tiny bit better, but more about that later.

First take your piece of felt and measure the stripes you need to cover. 

Fold felt so you can cut as many stripes as you can. I just used some sheets of felt I had laying around (that was my mistake)

Pin stripe on. I did try doing it without pinning, and for me, well, it wasn't pretty. So I ended up picking it out and starting over.

Zig zag stitch a stripe on. You don't have to zig zag it, but I think it will hold better, and looks cuter.

The stripe that went just under the v-neck opening was a bit tricker, as I had to sew it inside as well.

 Because I used felt rectangles I had about 3 of that color. I thought it would be easy to get more and just wanted to get started one day. WalMart only had single sheets in certain colors, this green not being one of them. I could buy a whole new pack with this color, but I already 2 of them at home, and they weren't in my current budget. I decided I would buy some fleece off the bolt, thinking that there must be something close to the color. I looked and looked and looked, and they had barely any felt at all on the bolt. I made a special trip to Hancock (special as in taking twins with me and attempting to find something that was proving difficult! ha!) They were entirely out of their single sheets. But thankfully they had some felt on the bolt, and they had a similar enough green to finish up. It did not match exactly, but it would have to do, because we were getting down to crunch time.

Around the armpit was trickier for me as well. I did not feel like unpicking the store stitching on the shirt, so I turned the shirt inside out and sewed in a straight line as close to the armpit as possible.

 So the thread was white, but barely noticeable.

Then the felt rectangles were not long enough, so I had to stitch a piece to the other piece. I tried to keep this in the back so it would not be seen as much.

 Also, after sewing the stripes on I could see there was some excess felt where the two pieces met up, so I just took some scissors and trimmed the excess off.

Then I attempted to sew the sleeves, but 2T shirt sleeves are pretty skinny and I could not get it around my machine to sew. Well, I got it around it, but it was so ridiculous to sew, so I improvised and got out the hot glue gun!

I thought much of it looked sloppy, but I just needed to get it done. And the main idea of this post is to let you know what whatever you make for your children, whether it turns out what you had envisioned or not, your little one will love it! My little man was so excited to wear his Steve shirt. Did the sleeve stripes match? No. Did the hot gluing look as good as the sewing? No. Did my almost 2 year old care about my sewing skills? No. Did they look super cute in their costumes? Heck Yes!

We went to a church Trunk-or-Treat and the boys got soooo many compliments on their costumes. And they were super easy, especially just adding a pair of tan pants to Steve's shirt. :)
Here is the post for the easy Handy Dandy Notebook Trick or Treat Bags.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tot Spot Circles

I watch my cousin's daughter 1-2 times a week, she is about 7 months older than my boys. On the days she is here, we try (key word try, it just does not always happen) to get in some kind of an art project and/ or   lesson.

Being that my boys were not quite two (this was some time ago, I'm a slacker when it comes to posting), and Little Miss is just over two, we're not covering anything major. We have been working on our shapes. 

First we made a felt pizza with all circle shapes (idea found here). I went with the colors I had, so we had yellow dough, orange cheese, brown sausage, red pepperoni, and green bell peppers. We talked about each shape/color/item as it went on the pizza. It has become a fun new little play set for them.

A little later we made pizzas out of construction paper. Before this we had not done a lot of pasting, mostly just painting, because I did not think they would grasp gluing something onto something else (from trying once before). I think having made the felt pizza before really helped them get it. Little Miss got way into it and glued lots of stuff onto her pizza. Mr. W. added some pretty pen marks to his. Mr. A. is not much into art. He will do it for a minute, but I think it requires too little body movement for him.

Another day we did some circle prints, I had various circle things that they kidlets could dip into paint. We had empty toilet paper tubes, empty ribbon spools (I always keep them, even though I have a ton, because they just feel like an art project waiting to happen), jar rings, etc. I just choose one color because otherwise it tends to get too messy (and I really am the messy art mom, but three toddlers and paint, yeah...)

We also made a felt snowman. I did not get any extras made for him, just the three white snowballs, and I showed the kids how we make a snowman (out of felt anyhow). And of course we sang Once There Was a Snowman. I then tried to have them glue their circles on a white paper, they were less than interested. I mostly glued it for them. We also added some white tiny snowflakes (paper punch excess) for them glue. Mr. A actually loved that and added quite a few to his, Little Miss was not at all interested, and Mr. W. liked it just fine.

Doing craft-y things with the littles has been fun for me. I enjoy watching these three entirely different personalities and learn their different interests and strengths, even in their twos. I am constantly testing what I think will work well to keep three little ones interested. If it were just one child, it would definitely be easier to do actual lessons, but with three, I am finding it so much trickier. But mostly, as long as they are having fun and experiencing new things, I count it as a win.

As a second win, Little Miss was saying "cir-cuh" when her parents came to get her, and she said it again the next time she came, and Mr. A. was saying it too. And a few months later both A& W can identify a circle. :)