Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Barbie Clothes

I have always let my kids have pretty free reign of the craft supplies. Sometimes this means they use something I rather they didn't, but then I have to remind myself that their crafting is important too. Usually it fosters their own creativity without direction from an adult. Thankfully they are not terribly messy (don't look at their room! ha ha!). What I mean is that they don't get things out just to make a mess, their messes have purpose (as do mine lol).

My daughter is getting to the age where she plays with toys less and less (which makes her difficult to buy gifts for). But she does love all things crafty. As evidenced by the photos below:

The first dress (the purple one) she did all on her own, just playing by herself, and she came to ask me where the velcro dots were. I helped her a bit, and suggested a belt and something to go on it, she chose the ribbon and jewel.

The next day she made the pink one (again, jut playing by herself) and came to ask for more velcro dots, I suggested we sew some buttons on it. She did most of the sewing of the first button all by herself. Was it perfect? Of course not, but she did a great job for her first time! She added another belt and jewel (the jewel was added with glue dots) and then she made some cute little scarves with fringe. She added some cute cuts to the bottom of the pink one, so she is getting more creative. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Well, tomorrow brought her making a dress for her friend's birthday gift. We bought a new Barbie and she fashioned a dress. :) She was so very excited.This one involved a little more hand sewing from mom (the tulle and buttons), and it had to be done quickly, since it was mostly a last minute idea.

So, grab your  daughter, some felt, sticky back velcro dots, glue dots, ribbon, whatever else you like, and have at it. Felt is great because it doesn't fray (some with fleece) and is easy enough to rip or cut (we cut the button holes, but my daughter ripped it for the arm holes). I would love to see any of your creations!

It's funny that she rarely plays with those barbie dolls. :) At least we're getting some use out of them. I found this fun kit at Amazon, it seemed to get good reviews. I think she will love opening this on Christmas! Fashion Design Studio

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A bike?

So I know I am terrible at posting here, but I have been taking photos and itching to post here, and the babes are starting to get more cooperative with that plan (meaning their naps are more reliable, so I can clean more and still have time to post), so here is a post. lol

I saw this on another twin mom blog, and had to take a look! It is a very interesting bike, but I think I really like it! If I link this from my blog, well, I have a chance at winning it! :)

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Isn't she a beauty! Wouldn't it be cute with twin little boys riding back there? And it would help me lose that last little bit of baby weight too! :)