Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pet Rocks

My kids love rocks, as a kid I loved rocks. We have run rocks through the washing machine, stubbed toes on them, compiled them, etc. Last week while my daughter was at school my son was gathering his rocks. Thankfully they usually let me put them on the deck in the back. I decided after we picked up his sister we would make pet rocks.

We live close to a few fields, which are prime for rocks (who am I kidding, our yard is prime rock hunting, but its more fun not in your yard!). The weather was nice, a bit breezy, but warm. We scouted out all kinds of rocks, and my pockets and their hands were loaded. Came home, put on the paint shirts and got out the acrylic paints. The kids were busy for at least an hour.

This is a simple little craft, and this post is old, old old. I started in six years ago! How fun to see my not so little kids (ten and twelve now) when they were much smaller! But I recently did the same project with my twins! (Though I cannot find the photos). 

Handy Dandy Notebook Bag

I just realized I never posted these. Unfortunately I did not take good step by step photos. These bags went along with my twins Halloween costumes when they were almost 2 (Blue and Steve)

I got the idea from Utah County Mom. She has great instructions. I used a full sheet of green for each side.
And a thick yellow strip in the middle (I think mine was about 3 inches, but I wish I would have done it wider, it was sort of hard to get candy in there). I made a handle out of more green felt.

Basically you glue the green sides onto the thick yellow strip (which makes it thinner in the end). And then hot glue the handle on.

I found a Thinking Chair photo from Google and printed it out, and traced the outline onto felt. (I may even have had my sweet artist daughter) free hand it, I cannot remember!). I know I had my daughter make the "clue".

Then I hot glued the clue on one side of the bag, and the thinking chair on the other.

The spiral notebook part was trickier. I had wanted to do a coil like you see on the foam visors, but I could not find any of the visors. I was able to find some plastic slinky like coils in the party section of a store, and used those. I hot glued it onto the top of the bag, but it kept folding in on itself so you could not see the coil. To make it stiffer I hot-glued a pencil along the top of the bag, through the spiral. It didn't look awesome, but  it wasn't terrible either.

Then to make the giant green crayon! This was a pain too! In the end, I rolled up a green craft foam sheet cut to size. Then we made a smaller piece of black rolled up to make the end of the crayon. Then I rolled some to make a point and glued it onto it. (That piece was almost a circle with a slit before gluing). And of course we added dark green craft foam strips. Then glued it into the spiral. That was the tricky part, making it thin enough to fit in there. It took a few runs, even with measuring!

But a year and a half later the bags are still in good repair and have received their fair share of play. :) And they went quite nicely with their costumes!

You can find a few more Blue's Clue's things here. There are some things I have done for Blue's Clues Birthday parties. :) And there is also my simple Steve shirt as well.