Friday, July 24, 2009

School Clothes Shopping

I am not a fan of shopping. It wears me out, and isn't much fun. I usually know just what I want, get it, and leave! But school shopping is not always easy. But I have found out how to make it fun for me......find awesome deals! I get such a rush off of saving money! I tend to buy things all year long when I find them on sale. My favorite places for clearance items are ShopKo and Target. Mervyns used to be my absolute fave, too bad they went out of business!

Anyhow, My daughter is in year round school and starts first grade on Tuesday, so I needed a few more things to finish things up. My son will be starting his second year of preschool in September. My daughter needed some long shorts, which are very hard to come by, but short shorts do not work in school, and I am trying to teach her some modesty while she is young. *wink* I also had lots of long sleeved shirts, but not too many short sleeved ones. So today we headed off to some not so local outlets to finish up.

I came back quite proud of myself. Then I grabbed what I already had in the closet for each of them, and well... it was a lot more than I thought, especially for my daughter! She is set for the year (well, besides her constantly growing out of shoes)!! My son did not need quite as many things, because he only has school a few times a week, and he also recently received a HUGE amount of barely used hand me downs from a family friend.

Anyhow, I thought I would share my spoils!!

This is my son's stash

This includes
(3) long sleeved shirts
(6) short sleeved shirts
(2) pairs of pants (jeans and athletic)
Reversible coat

14 items pictured. This does not include 2 pairs of shorts and 2 more short sleeved shirts he got early because he was low on summer things.

The retail item for all the above was: $217.91
The grand total I paid for all of the above: $67.71!!!

14 things (including a reversible winter coat) for under $70! Yehaw!!

My daughter is going to look quite spoiled now, but anyone that has kids knows that the older the get, the harder their clothes get worn. I always thought it was the opposite, that they got older and took care of things better, but not what I have found to be true. We also receive less and less hand me downs these days (though I recently got quite the stash from her 11 year old aunt!)

Here is my daughter's take:

(had to break it into two shots so you could see it better)

Her loot included:
(10) short sleeved shirts
(6) long sleeved shirts
(4) under skirt leggings
(3) pair of shorts
(2) pairs of jeans

so 27 items.

The retail on her clothing: $406.78
The grand total I paid: $157.65!!!

I got 27 items (maybe 28 if you count the removable vest that can be worn with other things) for about $150 smackers!

The leggings were the only things that were not on clearance, so they ran the price up a bit, at $9 each, which seems crazy to me for stretchy cotton stuff, but my daughter LOVES to wear skirts, and wearing skirts to school and also loving the monkey bars is not always a good combination, so leggings are a requirement! And she wore the ones we bought last year a ton, so a good investment nonetheless!

I did not pay over $10 for anything pictured above, I even paid $1.48 for one shirt, and a few others were under $3 each. We bought things from Old Navy, The Children's Place, Osh Kosh, Target, and ShopKo.

I do have to say that boys items are much harder to find on clearance. The racks tend to have a lot less on them, and finding clearance items in the size you need is not always easy. It is easier now that my kids are a bit older, because I can usually guesstimate fairly well what size they will be for what season and what not.

I now have a headache from all this math, but the high of getting a great deal is still lingering, and probably will continue to do so as I see them wearing all the cute and cool stuff we got!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Nursery Rhymes

This post is a long time coming. I have more than a few to catch up on.

I had the Nursery Rhyme theme a few months ago for preschool. I think this was one of the most fun units I have ever done! There is so much to do, it was really hard to narrow it down!

We finished the alphabet, so we had been doing numbers, and we happened to be on numbers 13 and 14 that week. So I made worksheets to match that.

First day:

As the kids arrived I had a little activity set out for them (got the idea here: There were two bowls set out, one filled with oatmeal (Little Miss Muffet's curds and whey) with plastic spiders hiding in it. They were to spoon out one spoonful at a time into the bowl on the right. They were supposed to work around the spiders. The kids actually did really well at this, and thought it was great fun, asked to do it over and over. It is supposed to help them with directional reading, but also just a great hand/eye coordination activity!

Little Bo Peep Paper (The kids had to color her sheep, so they would be easier to find)

Then we did a Put Humpty Together Again craft. I provided the background paper, a red (brick) square, and a white oval, cut for them to fit together. It was up to them how to arrange it on the paper, and add Humpty's little extras.

For snack we made muffins, while singing, "Do You Know the Muffin Man" over and over and over.

Once we got the muffins in the oven to cook we did a messy craft (great thing to do right before snack, because they have to wash up before eating!)

We made a sheep black for Baa Baa Black Sheep. (The below pic is not a true reflection, it was an extra and got a little paint on it, the kids COVERED their's so much you could not see a sheep on it!)

Then we made a Hickory Dickory Dock clock. I bought foam numbers, and gave them a clock to look at, but mostly left it up to them on how to put the numbers on. The raindrop shaped mouse was attached on some yarn so that the kids could move him up and down the clock.

For our songs and movement we did a Jack and Jill Spill. I had a bucket filled with large blue poms poms. We let the kids take turns (2 at a time) being Jack and Jill. We would recite the poem, and when we got to the last line dump the bucket on the kids as they "fell" down, they LOVED it! (Got the idea here!

Then we had some candlesticks (toilet paper and paper towel tubes in various sizes with a paper flame) for the kids to jump over. This gave us an opportunity to talk about fire safety. We had some great jumpers in our class!

We also had to find Little Bo Peeps sheep. I had paper sheep hidden around the room for them to find.

And lastly we used a Nursery Rhyme dice. Each side had a nursery rhyme pic on it (got my pictures from my Story Time Felts Nursery Rhyme Set!), such as Ring Around the Rosies, Humpty Dumpty, etc. Each child had a chance to roll and we would sing whichever landed on the up side.


I had even more planned, crazily enough, there was just so many fun things to do. But we did manage to get all that done in two hours! I'll post our second day tomorrow! I made sure to put the words to each nursery rhyme on the front or back of each paper, so that us parents can remember them too!