Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Plants and Flowers

Spring is a perfect time to learn about plants and flowers!

We made these cute flower prints on paper. You use the bottom of any soda bottle. They all look about the same. They turned out even cuter than I thought they would. The kids drew the stems themselves. We tried a few other things as well, but the soda bottles were the easiest and worked the best. 

I made this little felt play and the kids loved playing it. I found the idea and others at this cute blog, (I had a hard time finding plants and flowers themes that weren't just farming), Child's Play Family Daycare: Flowers and Gardening Theme

Four Little Flowers Cut 4 flower shapes out of felt and place them on a flannel board. Let the children take turns removing the flowers as you recite the following poem:
4 little flowers I did see. I picked one, then there were three. 
Three little flowers, pretty and new. I picked another, then there were two. 
Two little flowers out in the sun. I picked one more, then there was one.
One little flower left in the sun. I picked it too, then there were none.  

Unfortunately I did not take great pictures for this theme. 

I also found this idea there, and was able to make it pretty easy. The kids LOVED it, they each wanted a turn to make the flower pop, and my boys continued to play with for weeks after. 

Take yellow felt (seed) and glue to center of cuff. 3. Let dry. If glue does not hold sew seed to cuff (I did so it would stay permanently) 4. Then placing hand into sock so tips of fingers touch the end, snip a TINY hole. 5. Now take flower and stem and place through hole, push down flower into the sock so sock, which now has become the soil, is completely covering the flower. While hand is placed in its hidden soil sing this song: (tune Pop Goes the Weasel). Up Pops the Flower   We plant a seed in the ground, (point to seed) The rain falls in a shower, (Do falling rain with opposite hand) The sun comes up and what do you know (look up toward sky and point) UP POPS A FLOWER!!!!!!! ( pop out the flower with your hand).

For movement we did flower relays. I used silk flowers (I always have those because I buy them with the intentions of making hair clips, and well....). They had to race to the bucket, pick a flower, bring it back, and tag the next person. They each had multiple turns, because it was fun. :)

 Here are a few of the cute finger plays that I found at Preschool Education: Flowers, Spring.

FINGERPLAYS: MY GARDEN                                                                                                                       This is my garden                      (extend one hand forward, palm up)   
I'll rake it with care                  (raking motion with fingers)     
And then some flower seeds                  (planting motion)       
I'll plant in right there. The sun will shine   (make circle with hands)
And the rain will fall                 (let fingers flutter down to lap)                  
And my garden will blossom             (cup hands together, extend upwards slowly)                                          And grow straight and tall

I'll Plant a Little Seed (Im a Little Teapot")
I'll plant a little seed in the dark, dark, ground, 
Out comes the yellow sun, big and round, 
Down comes the rain, soft and slow, 
Up comes the little seed, grow, grow, grow!


Relaxing Flowers                                               
Five litttle flowers standing in the sun (hold up five fingers)                                                          
See their heads nodding, bowing one by one? (bend fingers several times)                     
Down, down, down comes the gentle rain (raise hands, wiggle fingers and lower arms to simulate falling rain) 
  And the five little flowers lift their heads up again! (hold up five fingers)                              
Little seed in the ground below (form your bodies into balls)                                                  
Felt the heat of the warm sun's glow (rub hands over arms)                                                 
Heard the raindrops pitter patter (place hand behind ear)                                          
Wondered why the birds did chatter              (place hand on head as if pondering)                       
So the seed began to grow (begin to rise) 
And poked it's head up very slow (lift head) What it saw was such a sight (rub eyes)        
The plant was in a garden bright! (throw arms apart)

For our snack I tried to have things you could grow, so popped corn, apples, melon, and we added some grain crackers. For the second day I made a Sunflower cake with twinkies. Super easy and adorable, and I cannot believe that I don't have a photo of it. It must have gotten deleted. :/

My favorite thing that we did was making our own greenhouses. We talked about what greenhouses are, and then I made a simple house shape and had the kids write their name on the line. I cannot find where I found this idea, but it is in many many places. Basically, I taped the greenhouse paper over a ziploc bag, and inside the bag we placed seeds (I let them choose between a few) and a damp paper towel. Once it is taped in the window the sun can shine through, and the children have the chance to see the roots and plant grow. 

This was a fun activity that both parents and children liked. I received a few compliments on how fun it was. :) (I only had two students besides my own ha ha!)

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