Thursday, September 8, 2016

Farm Animals

A long time ago, well before my twins were born, I was a consultant for an amazing company, StoryTime Felts. I came upon them when a friend of mine had a party. I fell in love with their stuff. The felt art work was beautiful and fun, and many of their products came with paperwork, like coloring and activity pages, and stories to use with them. I had never intended to be a consultant for anything, but this one, I could not resist. The start up package was small, and at that time, there was no sales minimum, ever, You had only to pay your annual "membership" which was also fairly low. I'm not sure how it works now, because once I went on bed rest with my twins, and then had infant and then toddler twins, I was unable to keep doing it. 

But, I still LOVE LOVE LOVE their products. I have so much of it, that I decided I really should utilize it more, so I found what I could for the farm theme. I think all of the papers I used here, are from different sets that they have, and they all have felt sets to go along with them. Amazing stuff. Seriously, go check them out. The company was started by a mom who wanted to get some felt, and found a way to earn it at a homeschooling convention, and then ended up making her own company. Even though I have three large bins full, sometimes I feel find myself looking at what they have and wanting to buy more! ha ha!

Anyhow, that is my shameless plug, I no longer sell for them, but their products sell themselves. I receive nothing if you buy from them. 

We played with these cards, they go along with the poem 1, 2, Buckle my shoe. We went over the poem a few times, letting each child act out the things (we set up right by the front door), and then I let each child see if they could do it in order.

For snack we did animal crackers, making sure to identify the farm animals, and apples and apple juice, since you would probably find those things on a farm.

We also had pigs in the mud. Pink marshmallows in chocolate pudding. not the healthiest snack, but yummy to most. I did add a banana so they had some fresh fruit in there.

The next two things are from the Farm Fun Collection. It comes with much more than these. But this little section teaches positional words, around, through, over, under, etc. It has a cute little felt story about a mouse and his adventures to get to the watermelon on the farm. The kids cut out the watermelon, and put it together, it folds, and they had a red part to put inside. I premade magnet felt mice, to put inside the watermelon, and make it easier to hang on the fridge. You could make the mouse out of paper as well. 

Then we did this worksheet, practicing tracing skills and reinforcing those positional words.

Sadly, I think that we must have had sick kids, and missed one of our preschool days, because I only have photos for one day.

There are so many fun farm things you could do, But this is all I have photos of for that day. The kids loved their little Freddie the Farm Mouse stories though. And the worksheet made it easy to retell the story to family once they got home.

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